Agree a Contract and a Plan of Work

Agree a Contract and a Plan of Work

At Equilibrium, we offer very clear contracts and detailed plans but again, not every builder does this.

It’s about being professional.  As a client, you deserve as much information about the process of the build as possible.  And, each stage of the project should have a date attached to it.

Also, decide on a payment schedule with a potential contingency fund of about 10 percent in case your builder hits an unexpected snag, or you decide on extra work as the project continues.

Be available

You’re making a considerable financial outlay.

So, in order your building project to make good progress, as your builder, I’d really like to run ideas past you or to get prompt responses to any questions I may have.  If possible, keep your mobile on so we can get everything sorted out.

Make allowances for the weather

Apologies, but we won’t be able to lay concrete or work with electricity if it’s wet.  Also, it could be dangerous to continue working in high winds or if visibility is poor.  Be aware that your builder’s focus on health and safety is designed to protect everyone, including you.  If there has to be a pause in proceedings, don’t be too concerned.

Aim for a single point of responsibility

To make things as easy as possible, you should be liaising with one person, and one person only.  This is the case with us, and it works very well. Anything else is just a bit, well, annoying (all those repeated phone calls) and could lead to misunderstandings.


Let the builder get on with the job

How do we say this nicely?  You’ve followed all our sage advice so ideally, you’ve agreed terms, a project scope and delivery dates with a business you trust. You’re with the right building company and all will be well.

We love what we do.  We hope you’ll love the results, too.

Equilibrium Building Solutions is a building company based in Hastings, East Sussex.  We work with lots of lovely clients in the South East. Building is our thing.

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