Bedroom Extensions

Bedroom Extensions

Building Services in East Sussex

If you’re looking for a builder in Sussex who can design and build the perfect new bedroom extension, Equilibrium Building Solutions is here for you.

How would your family benefit from another bedroom?

Perhaps your son and daughter have reached the age where they need more privacy. Maybe it’s time for the Master Bedroom of your dreams.  With en suite.

This is no time to be modest.  So, we won’t be.

We’re very good indeed at designing and creating new spaces within existing spaces.  Especially bedrooms. It’s the classic, “improve, don’t move” concept, really.

This is what we do: Design – Plan – Build – Deliver .

In East Sussex, property prices are showing no signs of slowing down.  In fact, just the opposite. Space is at a premium. Therefore, if you’re thinking about selling at some stage, it goes without saying that a bedroom extension could give you a respectable return on investment.

What can we offer you?

A single storey extension extends existing space to the rear or the side of your property – ideal for enlarging a downstairs bedroom.  Alternatively, if you need a whole new room, talk to us about how a side or rear extension will add a new bedroom to your property.

Adding an extra floor (two-storey extension) could bring totally revamp your home with an extra bedroom or even two.

  • Equilibrium Building Solutions will guide you on the most appropriate size of the works, as well as the style.  The good news is that you may not even need planning permission if your bedroom extension doesn’t encroach over or into your neighbour’s personal space.

Of course, we can’t guarantee this.  Best to check with us first. Don’t worry. If your works need planning permission, however, we’ll take care of it on your behalf.

  • Your project will be carefully managed from start to finish.  You’ll have someone in a project management role to oversee each stage and to keep you up to speed with progress.
  • We’ll minimise disruption .  OK, there will be some.  OK, scrap that. There could be a degree of interruption to family life.  There’s no getting around this. Do bear in mind, though, that we’ll treat your property with the utmost respect, cleaning up as we go.  It will be worth it in the end, we promise.

Upping sticks may not be practical; adding another bedroom is THE best solution.   Contact us today for a better night’s sleep.