Design and Planning

Design and Planning Application Services

We’re not just very good builders in East Sussex and the South East, you know.

Although we are rather excellent, it must be said.

Equilibrium Building Solutions has the experience and expertise to offer you two essential services that will save you time, hassle, money and stress.  They are:

  • In-house architectural design, and
  • In-house planning application and building control services

That’s right. In-house.

Architectural Designs and Planning Applications for Your Building Project

We will appoint a superb, fully qualified architect who will work closely with you to create fabulously classy designs and plans for us to deliver.  He’ll take you through everything, too.

What’s more, we’ll be happy for you to liaise directly with our architect.  Saves time and puts you in control.

Most substantial building or alteration work will need permission from the council.  Rules are quite strict, especially with older properties.

Not sure if your design will meet local authority and council approval?  Relax, it’s in hand. We have the know-how to put together everything for a planning application submission that gets approved.  Each and every time. It’s not easy, you know. All that fiddly paperwork. We know what we’re doing.

You could do it yourself.  But why would you when it’s so easy to get it wrong?  You don’t cut your own hair or service your own car now, do you?

When your building project gets going, when it comes to building control, we’ll liaise fully with a structural engineer, should one be needed.  We’ll sort everything.

Why do we offer design and planning application services?

Your home is your castle, your safe space and everything that’s good in your life.

Of course, you have a choice of building contractor.

And, it’s a very competitive sector.

Therefore, Equilibrium Building Solutions has chosen to stand out.  To offer distinct answers to an ever-present challenge: how to achieve the home of your dreams without it costing the earth…and dragging on for months on end.  

Also, bear in mind that we’re a very powerful, cohesive team.  We work very well together. We even like each other, which always helps.

Hard-working people like you deserve good homes.  We’d be happy to help you. Contact us today to find out more.