Home Automated Services

Your fully automated home in Sussex and Kent

Tomorrow’s world is here today. Courtesy of Equilibrium Building Solutions, your high-technology home awaits you. We offer fully automated home services to property owners to make your life easier, more comfortable and, if we’re honest, a whole lot more fun.

Picture the scene.

It’s a cold night. It’s dark. The good news is that you’re nearly home after a long, busy day. You’re tired. Courtesy of home-automation, a hot bath will be ready for you within minutes of you stepping through the door.

Or, you’re on holiday. It’s hot and sunny. Time to relax. Everything is safe and secure at home. You know this because you can see everything via your mobile phone or your tablet.

All of this and much, much more besides can be designed and implemented via Equilibrium Building Solutions.

Ready to future proof your home?

Your home automation system could include:

  • Alarm installations, controlled by an app. Stay safe at all times, even when you’re not there.
  • Visual and audio door bells. You’ll know immediately who your visitors are.
  • CCTV. See what’s going on via your smart devices.
  • Audio visual sound systems. Music and home cinema in any room.
  • HD Streaming. You’ll see any picture anywhere in your home, all under your control.
  • Automated garages and gates. Glide back home with seamless opening and closing.
  • Heating. Smart Nest, Hive Heat miser app-controlled.
  • Oven controls. Heat up the oven before you get home.

These amazing features offer you more control, better security and fun, interactive ways to appreciate the good things in life, such as music and media. With everything accessed remotely, should you wish, you’ll have full knowledge of your heating, lighting and safety systems. Now, that’s one less thing to worry about, isn’t it?

Our experienced team has the know-how to install and incorporate this must-have technology into new extensions, loft conversions and throughout any refurbishment or renovation project work.

Are you ready to join the new generation of super-sophisticated home owners? It’s time design your home to suit your lifestyle Let’s talk tech. Call us on 01424 440007.