Home Office Extensions

Home Office Extensions

Equilibrium Building Solutions delivers reliable, professional building services in and around East Sussex, Kent and the South East.  If you need a building contractor who can design home office extensions, look no further.

Do YOU need a home office extension?

If you’re reading this page – hello.  Yes, is probably the answer. It’s highly likely that you’ve reached a major conclusion: that this commuting malarkey isn’t a great deal of fun.

We have to agree.

Getting up very early and back home late not only effect your work-life balance, it also makes you less effective.  And, it’s knackering.

The solution?  Working from home.

Of course, it’s not as easy as that.  If you’ve tried getting work done from the comfort of your kitchen table, you’ll already be familiar with life’s annoying distractions.   Such as? The washing needs doing, there’s food in the fridge that’s calling your name .  And hey, it’s a sunny day and time to take the dog for a walk.

Displacement activities are everywhere.

You really DO need a home office extension courtesy of Equilibrium Building Solutions.

If you want to be productive, your own private working space is essential.  Excellent news. We can help you make more money in your business or keep the boss happy.

How?  By designing and building an office extension in your home to keep you focused.

How We Work

Our aim is to remove any anxiety that you may have about your new home office extension.

Relax. We’ll work with you from conception through to design, then onto the planning, building and all the delivery stages.

Here at Equilibrium, we have a core in-house team, as well as a carefully selected group of third-party specialist tradespeople. We work with only the best plumbers, electricians, gas specialists, carpenters and plasterers.  Our combined team offers a mega useful time and stress-busting all in one service.

Do you need new lighting, underfloor heating, painting, plastering, roofing and other things you’ve not thought of yet?  No problem. We’ll take care of everything.

  1. Back to work now.  In your brand-new shiny office.  Then, join your family at the end of the day.  You just need to close your office door. Contact us today for more information.