Read about Equilibrium Building Solutions’ commitment to a more sustainable future for everyone

Here at Equilibrium Building Solutions, we’re hyper aware of how important it is to preserve our environment. Why? Because each time we build, extend or remodel a customer’s property, we’re aware that to a degree, we’re taking away a piece of nature. Climate change, up until now a subject for discussion (Is it real? What’s actually happening here?) is now a Thing. A real, genuine concern for all of us. Or, at least in our opinion, it should be.

We have just one world. We can’t just up sticks and move to another planet, you know.

That’s why we’ve taken a leaf out of Her Majesty the Queen and Sir David Attenborough’s book and launched our own version of their highly commendable “Commonwealth Canopy” initiative. We’re calling it “Planting Forwards” – a sort of “paying it forwards” plan to pay back what the building process may have taken out and preserve our eco system for future generations.

It’s a small gesture, but one that we’d like to encourage everyone in the building trade to do.

Not heard of the Commonwealth Canopy?

You may have seen the documentary with the Queen and David Attenborough a while back, during which they discussed trees, nature and conservation as part of a newly launched worldwide forest conservation project.

Established in HM The Queen’s name as head of the Commonwealth, this is a campaign committed to raising awareness of the importance of our forests, and how best to save them.

What a great idea. We can’t keep on taking away. We have to give back.

What is Equilibrium Building Solutions Doing?

At the completion of each and every client project, with permission, our team will plant a tree, a hedge or a plant in a suitable spot on site. Free of charge. You’re very welcome to let us know what you’d like us to plant, in order for it to be in keeping with your garden and your property.

Why are we doing this? Well, apart from being what we hope will be a good memento of the work done and a “thank you” for your business, ultimately this is about promoting the importance of our eco system. Also, of course, we’re all over the idea of a sustainable habitat for wildlife.

Bees, for example. We’re in favour of them. Without bees, we’re stuffed.

Equilibrium hopes that you will all approve. Spread the word!

In other news. How else are we supporting our environment?

We’d like to think that we’re very conscious of how important it is not to make too much of an impact on the world around us. So, for example, we:

  • Are registered with the Environment Agency. Not all building companies can claim this proud fact, but at Equilibrium Building Solutions, we’ve made the grade. Construction waste is an environmental disaster if it’s not handled responsibly. Having this license means that we have to abide by a strict set of rules when it comes to waste management; we have to do everything by the book and we’re proud to do so.


What’s more, we have to prove that we keep waste to a minimum and that we’re doing everything we can to prevent, re-use, recycle or recover waste. Talking of which…


  • Equilibrium Building Solutions is keen on repairing and re-using certain materials if we can. Did you know, for example, that bricks and roofing materials can be re-cycled?


  • In fact, we often source bricks from salvage yards. You can order them online and collect them. A great idea and they’re easily robust and of a high enough quality to use. We like to give bricks to salvage yards, too. Aha, the life of a brick. What tales it could tell.


  • Currently, transportation accounts for around 20% of the UK’s carbon dioxide emissions. That’s too much. So, we took the decision a while ago to embrace hybrid technology in our Equilibrium Building Solutions-branded vans. This clever stop-start functionality enables the engine to switch from a “normal” petrol source to an electric one. Very clever. Every little helps, as they say.


  • Finally, this is a local business and being able to minimise travel miles is important to us. Therefore, materials and services are sourced as locally as possible.

Here’s to The Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy programme. We wish it every success and thank you, your Majesty. You’ve inspired us to do our bit.