How to Future-Proof your Home

Future-proofing your home may seem like a strange concept.

Your home is your castle, it’s safe and secure (hopefully), and you really like living there.  There’s absolutely nothing amiss.  And, you plan to carry on living there – even to pass it down to future generations.  No problem.  After all, the Victorians and Edwardians didn’t think about futureproofing, did they?  They just designed and built houses to last. Which they have, of course.

Houses Like They Used to Be

Here at Equilibrium Building Solutions, when we renovate and restore properties, we never cease to be impressed by the solid workmanship in homes built over a hundred years ago.  Not only in the use of materials, but also the use of space and design.

The large rooms, high ceilings and imposing staircases of yesteryear are super-popular in and around Hastings and East Sussex, where space is often at a premium.  Our customers love this style.   They ask us to preserve as many of the original features as we can, which we’re happy to do.  Obviously, we have to update quite a few things – safety is everything.  And, compliance to the law is vital.  But the basics are solid.

However, that was then, and this is now.  Our lives are SO different.  Life moves at a fast pace.

What is Futureproofing?

As THE home automation experts in East Sussex, we specialise in systems and services that automate everyday tasks (heating and lighting), make your life more secure (security systems), or more fun (music, TV etc).  In effect, with home automation, you can have more control over your life.   It’s pretty wizard!

So, future-proofing your home is about planning to ensure that your property is ready for all those technological changes that are sure to come our way in the years ahead.  It means anticipating, as much as possible, what those developments could be – then, adopting all the necessary steps to ensure that everything works smoothly.

For you as a homeowner, this could mean just a few small changes now, to avoid a lot of expensive things to put right later.

Here are some quick wins:

Getting the Cabling Right

Talk to your home automation company (preferably Equilibrium) about cabling.

Yes, we know.  This is not a particularly exciting subject, but it’s such an important part of the infrastructure in your home.  You want it to last, so it has to be robust and of the highest possible quality.   Imagine your nervous system carrying information to all the part of your body.  Well, your cabling network operates in a similar fashion.  It’s the backbone of your home automation system.

Plus, it needs to respond to your developing needs if or when new products or services are added.  In other words, you may need more “room” – or bandwidth.  This could mean to accommodate a change of use for your inside spaces, or a different layout design. There could be all sorts of things going on – music, online streaming, film services – and your cabling network will have to cope.

Ask us to walk you through how this will work.


Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Not only could you be saving money here, you’re doing your bit for the environment.  Energy efficiency is likely to be of prime importance as we face the future.  And, with a greener home, you could increase its re-sale value.

OK, this may not be super-cheap to start.  You’ll have to make an outlay on replacing your home energy appliances with more eco-friendly options.  However, the savings will start to add up massively as time goes on.

Think about smart thermostats, smarter kitchen appliances, and even blind and curtain control.   Again, us for some information and advice if you’re not sure.


Prepare for Internet Downtime.

This certainly sounds like a strange one.  Why should that matter so much? But, think about it.

If everything in your future home depends on a robust Wi-Fi signal, if it goes down, it won’t just be annoying.  Your heating, lighting and securing systems could depend on it.  Disaster, in other words.

Consider a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to combine all your mobile phones, Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G etc into a solid, strong connection. This means that if your main home Wi-Fi goes temporarily kaput, you should still have enough signal to stop you stumbling around in the dark.


Have YOU Planned for your Golden Years?

Although it’s likely that your future home could feature some fabulous technology to support you in older-age, let’s move away slightly from the automated home for the moment to ask you a rather blunt question:  Have you thought how your domestic arrangements will be affected as you get older?  How will retirement impact on how you live now?

We’re all living longer (hurrah) but not everything’s rosy in the garden of senior maturity.  If you’re a baby boomer, we hope you’re in excellent health now, and that you stay super-sprightly well into your eighties and nineties.  However, frailty and mobility problems could be the price we pay for living such long lives.

Getting upstairs, for example.  You skip up those stairs at the moment, but this may not always be the case.  Your strength may deteriorate a little.  You could be unsteady on your feet.

As a building business, we want you to stay in your home as long as possible, so some simple changes are the best: handrails in the bathroom, and things like that.  Other important mobility aids could include a stairlift or a walk-in shower or bath.  Essentially, you’re thinking about adapting your current living space for your future.  Vital for you.  And, for all of us.

New technologies are developing every day.  Let’s hope that we can all embrace and harness them for our maximum benefit.