Everything you need to know about one of Sussex’s finest historic towns – and why we love it.

We’re a building company in Hastings, so it won’t be a huge surprise to you that here at Equilibrium Building Solutions we’re just a little bit biased about this town. After all, we work here. And of course, we live here, too.

Here’s what we think: Hastings is a really nice place.

Not as sharp-end trendy as Brighton, yet more artistic and artisan than its genteel neighbour Eastbourne, Hastings offers so much more than its famous battle of 1066. Or a few ice creams on the seafront. Small boast: Did you know that Hastings was named in the Times 10 Coolest Seaside Towns list in 2015? Yes, indeed. Brighton? Pah.

Here’s our builders’ eye view of Hastings. And we should know; as builders, the state of the economy affects as directly.

The construction sector leads the way

Anyone involved in building and renovating domestic and commercial property will tell you that this sector is highly sensitive to our country’s economic ups and downs. Like a light-sleeper awake at the slightest noise, this industry can be wide awake – instantly. Or struggling.

In truth, you really want to see a lot of construction sites and scaffolding. Why? Because it means that we’re all “doing well”, with lots of confidence in future town planning. Equilibrium’s business reflects this, too. Therefore, we’re delighted to report that business is going really well. We’re busy.

In Hastings, the building sector is thriving, reflecting the health of the economy overall.

We should be scrupulously fair here: there are some very good builders in Hastings, too. With a good reputation, everyone wins.


There are many, many period properties in Hastings.

This town is famous for its “oldness”. We even have an area called the Old Town (as opposed to the newer developments in the New Town). The old town is wonderful. Full of Victorian, Georgian and even Elizabethan properties, it’s these iconic townhouses that give the town its distinctive appearance, and this area is highly sought after.

We specialise in property renovations and we just love to restore faded houses to their stunning former glory, without compromising on practicality or safety. If you’ve set your heart on a ceiling cornice or an ancient winding staircase, then Equilibrium is definitely the building company for you.

And, there’s a lot of renovation work on our books. We’re often asked to turn flats back into “whole” houses. This is GOOD housing. High quality, solid, cosy and a joy to live in. Homes not just for families but for so-called “DFLs” – Down from London folk keen to explore a new life in our welcoming Sussex-by-the-seaside town.


Not bad at all. Although not such an easy commute as other coastal towns to the west, new roads have already cut the journey time from London, with the A21 proving an easy, direct route.

Coast to coast, the A259 is your best bet. (Do yourself a favour and avoid the traffic jams on the A27.)

If you’re planning a train commute, there’s talk of a high-speed link with London in the near future. The fastest training currently into the capital reach Charing Cross in a relatively prompt hour and a half.

If you’re feeling continental, The Eurostar connects nearly Ashford to the continent, with the train going right into the centre of Paris. Ooh la la.

Hastings’ Economy

Having suffered from higher than average unemployment rates, the town has made a good recovery, with plenty of roles in engineering, catering, the automotive sector and construction – as mentioned. Most jobs are in health and public services here, but let’s not forget tourism: seasonal, but essential.

And, from out point of view, there are loads of small, creative artisan businesses in the town – joiners, period detail specialists, and so on.

Of course, Hastings is still a fishing town, with a large beach-launched fishing fleet.

Stuff to Do

There’s not enough space to mention everything, but Hastings is as outstandingly good for arts and culture out of season as it is at peak times in the summer.

Don’t forget the Jack in the Green Mayday Celebrations. An annual highlight.

If you’ve not been to see a play at The White Rock, where have you been? And, there are several art galleries, museums, as well as great places to go out to eat and drink. Do take a trip to First in Last Out. It’s a traditional beamed public house with great food and they have their own microbrewery. Deep joy.

Of course, there’s no “battle” (groan) when it comes to finding excellent fish and chips. Maggie’s Fish Restaurant deserves a mention, of course.

For more information, why not check out 1066 Online? It’s a free guide to everything Hastings:


So, there you are. Your whistle-stop guide to Hastings. As builders, we’re all about people. What do we mean by this? Well, every day we meet people who love where they live and who want to live their best lives with the people they love, in the homes they love.

Our customers tell us that this is this is their favourite place. It’s got everything they need within a condensed area; it’s safe for families, there are great schools, easy transport, lots of places to go…

Oh. And it’s by the sea.

What’s not to like?