Tips and Advice from a Builder

Tips and Advice from a Builder


We’re builders based in East Sussex, supporting homeowners throughout Kent, Sussex and the South East.  We’d love to hear from you so feel free to contact us.

Here at Equilibrium Building Solutions, our focus is on homes, rather than houses.  Let’s talk about designs for life; more live-able spaces for you and your family.

My name is Alan Norton and I’m the Managing Director of Equilibrium.  Given that websites should be useful, as well as informative, I thought that I’d use this part of our site to offer you some actionable advice and tips to help you choose the right builder.

And, once you’ve agreed terms, how best to work with them.

Do some digging around

Buyer beware. If you’ve not done your homework you could live to regret it.  Don’t go with the first builder you speak to – even if it’s us! We’re confident enough to say this, which should tell you something.

Equilibrium is a member of the Federation of Master Builders and we’ve got all the necessary accreditations and insurance.

But not everyone is as legitimate as we are.  Don’t forget to get current references from previous customers.  Good builders want you to know what they’re capable of. Basically, they must be transparent and accountable otherwise it’s a “no”.

How to Brief a Builder

A reputable builder should be happy to advise you here. However, I’d recommend discussing everything about the project with your partner before I knock on your door. I’ve witnessed a few uncomfortable disagreements.  Enough said.

Think about the fixtures and fittings.  For example, if you’re after chrome light switches, they’re more expensive than standard ones.  High-end taps and sinks could add a chunk of money to your budget.

We work with architects in-house so this bit doesn’t really apply but if you’re employing a builder and an architect separately, do make sure that you have a “good copy” set of plans printed out for the builder to price up the work.

Make sure that the builder takes lots of notes, too.  It proves that he’s listened and can demonstrate his understanding of what you need.

Consider the style of the extension or re-modelling work. An essential part of the brief, it’s important to decide whether the “look” should integrate with what’s there already, or define a contrast.  Talk to your builder about what’s best.