Everyone loves a nice kitchen. 

And no wonder. It goes without saying that the kitchen is at the very heart of the home. In fact, in our opinion, it’s THE most important domestic space of all.  Why?  Because it’s where you cook, socialise and where your family and friends gather to enjoy a chat, get themselves a drink and eat dinner.

Kitchens are about nurturing, caring and warmth.  Where does everyone end up on Christmas Day, for example.  Or, at family gatherings?  The kitchen, of course. People tend to wander into kitchens from the rest of the house.  Why?  Because it’s where it’s all going on.

In fact, kitchens are such a big part of family life that in our view, they’re an essential part of your health and happiness.

As a building company, here at Equilibrium we “do” a lot of kitchens.  Indeed, these are en vogue, and will no doubt remain so for some time to come.  To be fair, loads of our work involves building kitchen extensions to deliver large open-plan spaces with plenty of extra room.  Our customers love to have a kitchen island, for example, or the space for a fabulous dining table.

If you’re thinking about a new kitchen, get in touch.

Here’s our handy guide to some popular kitchen styles:

  1. Cosy Country Kitchen

Think natural, rustic and quite a lot of warm-toned wood.  Also called “farmhouse” kitchens, your mind’s eye sees an Aga cooker (super-hard to cook with, though!); an open plan space with a rural look.  These are “hard-working” kitchens – convivial and friendly, with a farmhouse table and endless pots of tea on the go.  Also, where someone does a LOT of cooking.  In our opinion, this is a lovely style.

Talk to us about exposed ceiling beams, hardwood floors and countertops.

  1. The Modern Kitchen

What a contrast.

Modern kitchens have a streamlined appearance and are our customers’ top choice.  Why?  Because everything is designed and built for fast-paced family life. Plus, all the appliances are up to date, and everything you need can be built into your worktop – this saves time and maximises space.

In fact, the modern kitchen is ALL about space, which is something most of us never seem to have enough of.  These are kitchens with bare countertops, sleek surfaces and clean, open lines.  With strong horizontal lines, clutter is kept to a minimum. No busy designs here.


  1. Scandinavian

It seems we can’t get enough of the Scandi-style kitchen.  Sometime referred to as Nordic, these are large, minimalist spaces with clean lines, natural materials and plenty of organic shapes.  Everything is designed to be extra-functional, practical and simple – yet chic.  Again, they’re kitchens that avoid clutter, so have a think about whether this style suits your family.

When it comes to colour, well – there isn’t much, really, although you could add some colour accents.  Imagine white or chrome as your main hue, with large floor to ceiling windows to let light in and to reflect off the walls.

Feature lights are The Thing; perhaps the hanging pendant ones.  And, a wooden floor is a must.

And now, you’re all set to rustle up some meatballs.

  1. The Industrial Kitchen

The industrial look is everywhere.  Found in trendy offices, this style has transferred into kitchens – and works rather well.  Here, we could think about exposed structures, such as raw brick, water pipes, metal beams and anything else that looks a little “workman” like.

Not exactly warm and cosy, BUT very chic and contemporary, commercial restaurant kitchens often embrace this look.  Your neighbours will be impressed.  Or jealous, or something.

Why? Because this concept is uber-fashionable.  Think neutral colours like black, grey and brown, plus open shelving, and overhead pot racks in cast iron or stainless steel.  Also – bizarrely – concrete.  But, done with care, this king of industrial substances could look superb on the floor, or the walls perhaps.

What else?  An enormous countertop.  Imagine everyone gathered round, drinking chilled white wine and you’re at home in your industrial kitchen.

And, finally…

  1. The Galley Kitchen

Galley kitchens feature cupboards and counter space along at least one or two walls in a fairly narrow, long space.  They tend to be on the smaller side, so space will need to be maximised as much as possible – and if often is.  The amount of available storage often belies its modest space allocation. So, there will be lots of room for your pots and pans.

Galley kitchens are ideal for the busy, productive cook, as there’s a nifty triangle between your cooker, sink and fridge.

Should this be your chosen style, you might want to ask about integrated appliances, as well as light-reflecting surfaces to make the interior look bigger.  Also, these types of kitchens lend themselves brilliantly to being linking or connecting areas, perhaps with a garden or a family room at either end.


So, there you are.  There’s a lot to think about, so get in touch if you’d like some advice.  We’ve been building and extending kitchens for several years, so we’re your go-to construction business when it comes to such an important room in your home.

Whatever design you choose, talk to Equilibrium about Home Automation in your kitchen.  As specialists in this area, there’s so much that can be done for you to enjoy the room of your dreams!

Integrating your kitchen into a home automation system will enable you to take charge of your kitchen appliances.  For example, you can adjust the temperature of your fridge, put the dishwasher on a timer, keep an eye on the over – the list is endless.  Imagine the fun you’ll have showing it to your friends.