What to Do with That NEW Extra Room in Your House


Here at Equilibrium Building Solutions, we’re an established construction business that’s all about homes.  Namely, YOUR home.  So, creating extra rooms is our Thing.

What’s more, we love hearing from our satisfied customers when we’ve finished everything to perfection.  Assuming planning permission has been granted, properties in and around Hastings are ideal for re-modelling, expanding or enhancing in some way.  Many are Victorian or Edwardian, with solid designs that enable practical and attractive additions.

This could be your home, only larger.  Perhaps with a higher re-sale value but definitely more space to breathe.  Freedom, perhaps, to indulge your hobby, accommodate loved ones or…use for storage.  OK, scratch that LAST one.  Don’t put all your domestic detritus into your brand-new room!  It will only get added to, then you’re back to Square One.

Here are some fabulous Equilibrium ideas to get you started on how to capitalise capacity with complete confidence.

First, though have a think about:

Where the New Room Will Be

Upstairs or downstairs?  Near the kitchen, next to your bedroom?  In the West Wing? (Well, you never know).

The location of your extra room will, to a large extent, determine how you use it.  It’s not really practical to set up your new office next to a “busy” space, such as the kitchen. You’ll seethe with resentment if you have to work late or you’ll get easily distracted.  Nor, a gym next to a bedroom, if early morning workouts to loud music are the norm.

Next, think about how to use it.  Three fairly recognisable new rooms to start with:

  1. A Bedroom for Guests

Well, obviously.  This is the most evident choice for a new room, especially if a reputable builder (we know a good one in Hastings) has also added a chic en suite bathroom.  Your guests can have the privacy they deserve, as can you, and there’s no more uncomfortable camping on the sofa.

Only, repeat ONLY consider this option if you actually like having people to stay.  Live somewhere nice, like Hastings, and you may suddenly become the most popular person who ever lived on the south coast.

  1. A Home Office

Working from Home is on the rise. If you run your own business, your very own space could help you become more productive.  And, separate your work-life balance more effectively.

Even if you’re not home-based, having a distinct place to use and store computers and printers keeps digital interference into family life at a lower level.  You can deal with admin, paperwork and bills here, too.

  1. A Gym

Potentially expensive to kit out if you want to use equipment that won’t break within 2 weeks, your very own gym is nonetheless the perfect at-home solution if you lead a busy life.  You could gain a fabulous wellbeing-type return on investment.

Your daily Yoga or Pilates sessions await you.

It needs to be a fairly large space, have lots of natural light and good ventilation.  And, you need actually to use it.  Of course.

  1. A Reading Room

A family library.  Well, that sounds super-posh.  How amazing for the book worms out there.  Or, for those just in need of a dignified space to read and think.

All you need is a comfy chair, a clear light to read by, a little table on which to rest your drink, and all your favourite books displayed on bookshelves – and you’re set for the evening.

  1. A Dressing Room

Many people long for a dressing room, so now’s your chance.  Picture the scene: you now have a walk-in wardrobe, as well as a space to store not only all your clothes, but also your scarves, all your shoes and boots, make-up and beauty products.  You’ll probably find you keep going in there just because you can.  You may keep trying on different combinations of things you never realised would work.

(Sorry, guys, you know that a Dressing Room isn’t really aimed at you, don’t you?)

So, for balance…

  1. Your Man Cave

Everything for the modern Man-At Home, including a Sky Sports on the TV, a well-stocked drinks cabinet, comfy chairs, and so on.  Welcome to your Man Cave.  A place to kick back and retreat into a little bit of silence after a busy day at work.  Maybe.  If you’re allowed to.

  1. A Games Room

Are you a child at heart or are you after somewhere to keep the children entertained?  A   Games Room could house your dart board, a pool table, games consoles, board games – even a table tennis table if there’s enough space.

This could be a fun, family room and a place for your offspring to let off steam.

  1. A Craft or Sewing Room

Crafting is big news. Have you joined the 21st Century crafting army?  If so, having a workspace and storage for all your crafting bits and pieces not only stops it from getting damaged, it also enables the rest of your family to allow you to get on with your favourite hobby in peace.

  1. A Dining Room

What a lovely idea.  This is an excellent way to enhance family relationships and share news with each other over dinner. Imagine, if you will, a new downstairs room next to, or near the kitchen.  It has a wonderful, substantial oak table that takes centre stage.

There are solid chairs, candlesticks on the table, and a place to store crockery at the side of the room.

Your best-ever Christmas Day? It’s a distinct possibility.


So, these are just a few ideas.  Your new room could be a cosy snug, a laundry room, a larder, an extra reception room or…well, anything you would like it to be. 

As the saying goes, the only limit is your imagination.  Ask the experts here at Equilibrium for some advice.  We’re always here to help.