The one thing we can always rely on in the UK?  Our unreliable, wobbly weather, of course.  Yet, the show must go on.  We all know that well-known expression: there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes.  Well, that’s only true up to a certain point.  In this blog, Alan Norton of Equilibrium Building Solutions offers some sound advice on the best time of year to have work done on your property.

Are you thinking about a loft conversion? Or some alterations to the structure of your patio or garden? Perhaps some re-modelling in your home?  Whatever your thoughts, now is a good time to start planning for 2021.  To be fair, 2020 has affected all of us in so many ways, so it’s wonderful to have something special to look forward to: a new room, extra space for a growing family, a bigger kitchen, a refurbished bathroom – all the comforts of home and garden in the place we’ve probably all spent more time this year than we planned – where we live.

I’m often asked about timings for work to be done; that is, what’s the best season of the year, what’s best to avoid, and so on.  Here’s my guide for some seasonal planning:

Spring and Summer

The most obvious choice, I think and without a doubt, it makes sense, during the longer warmer days for work to take place on your external spaces, including major projects such as a loft conversion.  There’s less chance of rain (what am I SAYING!? – but you know what I mean), and the extra daylight means that we can start earlier and finish later to get the job done.  Likewise, although there are no promises, we may be able to complete your project faster.

Loft conversions in autumn and winter ARE possible, though.  There may be a weather-related delay, but normally we can make things work pretty well.

However, although balmier days are good, loft conversions, gardens, patios, and so on are also suitable for the beginning and end of the season.  This isn’t the North Pole.  Often, the weather is more than OK, at least to work outside in.

However, a couple of tips:

  • When the sun comes out, builders like us (the good ones, that is) are seriously in demand.  Everyone, but everyone – or so it seems to us – is keen to book us at this time of year, so do think about timings now.
  • Let us know when you’re going on holiday.  Our hard-working team may be planning some downtime, too, and we’re keen for our schedules not to clash.

Autumn and Winter

As the nights draw in and the temperatures drop a bit, everyone’s thoughts turn to – yes you’ve guessed it: kitchens.

And who doesn’t love a beautiful kitchen? The heart of the home lies at the heart of a great deal of Equilibrium’s work.  Not least in making this keyspace larger and more user-friendly to accommodate the family around a kitchen table, for example.  I’ll come clean: it’s work that our team really enjoys.  Did you know that the “open plan” look is very popular right now?  That is, the merged dining room-kitchen space. Again, the same applies regarding forward-thinking and getting us booked in.  That is, talk to us sooner rather than later to avoid being disappointed.

In general, my super top tip would be to avoid the Christmas rush if you possibly can.

Outdoors work from autumn into winter can be done, of course.  Nothing stops us, we’re made of stern stuff.  However, we’ll need to accommodate extra lighting, heating AND be ultra-careful of safety considerations.  So, we’ll carry out a full risk assessment to make sure (as much as possible) that we’re all as safe as houses.

It goes without saying that the darker, colder months are ideal for internal work.  Now could be the time to consider renovation, re-modelling or refurbishment on your bathroom, home-office, or any other family room that you think could benefit from some improvement.  We can even project manage your scheme from start to finish.  In case you were wondering, for internal alterations, unless you live in a listed property you won’t need planning permission from the local authority.  (But, if you do, this is something we can help you with.)

All Year Round Work

As above (refurbs, renovations, and so on) can be done all year round.  Changing the look and feel if your interior is weather-proof, so talk to us about bathroom re-modelling, master suite transformations, room expansions, wall removal, cabinets and built-in shelving, kitchen make-overs, and attic and basement finishing.  And, loads more wonderful home-changing projects to bring you peace and joy.  There’s a lot within your disposal here, and – hurrah – rain won’t stop play.

So – this is a rough guide, and although the external conditions do make a difference, don’t worry to much or delay contacting us because you think the season will prevent us from doing a great job.  Of course, some projects will work best in summer, others in winter but do talk to us for more information.

As a homeowner, you need a knowledgeable partner to offer guidance on any external or internal project you’re thinking about.  We think we have what you need: experience, skill, professionalism – and hot flasks of tea to keep us warm!