How To Choose A Bathroom Style 

If you’ve decided on a new bathroom, now is the time to start planning it.  Equilibrium Building Solutions is here to offer you some advice.

What do you need to think about?   

And, which style is best for YOUR family?

Next to the kitchen, your bathroom is probably the most important room in your house.  Why?  Because it’s where people start their mornings.  A place where you get ready to present yourself to the world. They’re where we go for our wind-down ritual at the end of the day, too.

If you have a family, bathrooms get an awful lot of use – but you don’t need us to tell you that. This is the family room that gets daily “traffic” and can be the cause of friction.  Maybe your teenagers spend an inexplicably large amount of time in there. What on earth are they doing?

Sorry, we can’t help you with that imponderable.

Your Surroundings Matter

It’s obvious that where we live informs our wellbeing.

Going into a light and airy bathroom can lift your spirits and energise you.  Alternatively, a cold and draughty room, or one that’s a bit down-at-heel can be a bit depressing.  Not somewhere you’d want to luxuriate in the bath and listen to The Archers, anyway.

In one short generation we’ve gone from the practical and much-lamented avocado suite (remember those?) to a space for relaxation and pampering.  And, one that could add considerably to the re-sale value of your home.  Here at Equilibrium, bathrooms are a key feature of our services.  Although they’re not easy to install, we’ve got the technical skills to deliver great results.

Some Top Tips

Obviously, you’ll need to work out your main priorities.

For example, your dream spa-style sanctuary will need a long list of specifications and fittings, with a budget to match.  Your guest bathroom – maybe just a shower and a loo.  Also, have a think about your objectives.  This isn’t as bizarre as it sounds.  Are you a soak-in-the-tub, ahhhh…relax-type person, or a get-up-and-go customer, ready to leap into the shower to invigorate your day?

Also, size does matter.  Your double-sink will only enable the two of you to brush your teeth together in the morning if it actually fits.  And, the door can be opened.  Obvious, perhaps.  An architect or bathroom designer should be your first port of call here.

So, whether you have the space for a luxury bathroom, or something more compact and bijoux, here’s some ideas to inspire you.

The Modern Bathroom

Consider clean, sleek, minimalist lines.  Perhaps recessed lights, and underfloor heating.  Lots of chrome – and white, or muted colours.  A “wet room”, even.  If you’re after a modern look and feel, a quick image search on Google could inspire you.   A freestanding tub is very popular and could work well here. This is a 21st Century style for the modern family but be aware:

Modern bathrooms are NOT about clutter.  You’ll need to think about storage, and lots of it, if you want to keep that much sought-after contemporary look.  All your family gubbins will need to be stowed in cabinets to show off your up-to-date bathroom at its best.

At the other end of the spectrum, how about a:

Vintage Bathroom

If you’re considering restoring a Victorian or Edwardian property to its former glory, then a vintage-style bathroom is for you.

This type of look is ideal if you love a warm, “homey” look and feel to the room.  Equilibrium can recommend suppliers of vintage bathtubs, toilets and sinks, for the full back-in-time look.  This is all about beauty and elegance and works really well in a larger bathroom.  You may even want to put an old-fashioned chair or two in there, if you have the space.

A Small Bathroom

Even a tiny bathroom can live it large.  It’s about super-efficient use of a lack of room. We’ll use a posh word here: configuration.  Most post-war properties compromise on bathroom size, so you could think about installing an extended bathroom mirror to reflect light and space, for example.

Also, we’d advise against a shower door – they’re awkward to manoeuvre when space is tight; better to have a shower curtain A corner sink is more suitable than one across from the shower, too. Storage-wise, there’s no need to stash all your towels and bathroom stuff in the actual bathroom, either.

A Colourful Bathroom

In total contrast to our modernist, sleek, pared-down style mentioned above, if you love colour – go for it.  With a blank canvas bathroom design and build, the world is your lobster.  A “plain” room could be crying out for colour.  Ready to experiment?

Our advice is to think firstly about your favourite colours, then the ones you can realistically live with.  Love pink?  Bright, fuchsia pink?  OK, great.  But more subtle peachy hues could work better if you have a hangover.  Just saying.

Contrasting shades are good.  Or a gentle colour spectrum.  How about a soothing sunset effect with contrasting tones of floor tile across the room? If you’re not feeling particularly brave, at least to start with, simply add one or two towels in complementary colours.

And finally, what about a:

Mediterranean-style Bathroom

This popular look suits larger spaces, with lots of distinct, old-world details. Moreover, clear, light and airy.

In your mind’s eye you’re probably seeing terracotta tiled roofs, so this is a great colour theme, along with natural-colour tiles, accented by rich, dark wood.  Why not go a bit mad with the patterned wall tiles you see everywhere in Portugal?

A free-standing bath looks fabulous, with old-style French taps. Space and practicality allowing, woven rugs capture the spirit and feel of a place you just can’t wait to re-visit.

A final word on…

Mood Lighting.

Did you even know that you can add mood lighting and mirrors with music.  And, that everything can be done via a remote control? There are also mirrors that come with Bluetooth.

The mood lighting comes from hidden LED lights (for example, under cabinets, behind mirrors or at low-level plinths).  They change from green, to blue, to pink – and so on.  They’re really neat.

Inspired? Whatever style you’ve set your heart on, Equilibrium Building Solutions can re-model, refurbish or renovate your ideal bathroom.  Think about how you plan to use your bathroom, rather than how it’s used now.  Then give us a call!